What To Expect

We aren't a church that believes we should just come and sit in church, but rather that we should become family. We strive to be friendly and loving, all while bringing people to a better relationship with Christ. Our members come from many different backgrounds, and all come together to worship and learn about God.

We have a Sunday school class for the kids until they reach the 6th grade, and the teens and adults will sit together during the sermon, since they can comprehend the word at a higher level. Our dress is casual, God is worried about your heart not what you're wearing, and the atmosphere is laid back so all can feel welcomed. 

On Wednesday nights we have bible studies for the Adults, Teens(6th-12th graders), and the younger children. We will have bible studies that start at 6:30.

All of our sermons, and studies are biblically based and delivered in a way for all people to understand the word. We hold a high standard to teaching the word of God, and strive to keep it God-centerend.